How to change AirPod settings?

In this web story, you will learn about customize your setting for AirPod

Settings of first-or-second generation AirPods

After opening the AirPods case and bring your iPhone near. Go to setting and tap on Bluetooth

How to customize your AirPods Pro settings

After getting Bluetooth menu, find your airpod pro device. From force sensor option get ,what you desired.

How to customize your AirPods Max settings?

From the Bluetooth menu, find your AirPod Max device. Noise Control Button, Automatic Head Detection, Rotation Directions. customize accordingly.

AirPods Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Status lights on your AirPod is to avoid checking your phone repeatedly.

Pairing AirPods with  Non-Apple devices

-Place the AirPods back in their case and retain the cap open.  -Press the switch located at the back of the AirPods case until the LED starts flashing

Pairing AirPods with other devices contd..

–Directly open your Non-Apple gadget and open the Bluetooth menu, there you should be capable to notice the AirPods. –Tap on the Airpods to connect.

There are too many AirPod settings 

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