How to stop your iPhone from dimming in 1 min?

This web story You will get a detailed description of why your iPhone’s screen keeps on dimming and how to stop it.

What is Auto-Brightness?

What is Auto-Brightness?

Auto brightness tends to make your screen brightness adjustments according to the surroundings of your iPhone.

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What are the Advantages of auto BRIGHTNESS?

If your auto-brightness is activated on your iPhone device, then you will find that the battery of your iPhone is saved significantly.

How to disable your Auto brightness in your iPhone?

Let us see the steps of how you can disable auto-brightness from your iPhone.

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Go to the Settings app.


Scroll down until you find the tab named “Accessibility”. Inside the Accessibility menu, find the auto-brightness option.

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the Accessibility menu


Find a toggle named Auto brightness. Turn that toggle off. This will make your brightness go manual mode.

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Control centre.


Inside the control center, you will find the sun-shaped slider. Slide your finger up on the slider. You can choose to increase or decrease brightness.

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