How to use the Clipboard history of iPhone in 1 mins.

This guide will help you in using the iPhone's clipboard history efficiently.

What is the iPhone's Clipboard?

What is the iPhone's Clipboard?

The iPhone has the internal feature of saving all the text that you copy. This is called the clipboard

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You Can use this to copy paste anything in your iPhone

Let us see how you can use this feature in your iPhone. You can use the clipboard of iPhone using only 3 steps.

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Open The text that you want to copy


The text that you copy will be automatically be saved in the clipboard of your iPhone.

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Find the place to paste it.


Once you have copied the text you can use the clipboard to paste it. Just long press and click on the paste tab.

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Copy a new text for Resetting the CLipboard.


To reset the clipboard of your iPhone. Copy any new text, by clicking and selecting the text.

You can use third party clipboard apps too on your iPhone.

Download these apps from the App Store. For eg: Clipboard ++

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