What is com sec unifiedwfc

Samsung smartphones are in high popular these times. There are some unique features that are different from Android. It’s unique because of its multitasking. Samsung users have probably seen an application installed on their device called “com sec unifiedwfc“. A lot of users are unaware about it and may think of it as an infection. However, it’s not a virus, it’s an application that makes calls via Wi-Fi. It is generally viewed as an activity running within My Google Activity. It’s an application that is pre-installed on Samsung phones, but if you want to remove it, you can erase this from your settings on your phone.

Many people believe that com.sec.unifiedwfc has malware and is not secure to use. However, the application is secure because it’s made by Samsung. In some cases, this application doesn’t work properly and gives errors. The problem could be the result due to outdated software, damaged memory card, or damaged cached files. If you haven’t cleared your cache for a long period of time it could display an error, and could result in a malfunction in your mobile. If you suspect that you do not require Wi-Fi calling on your phone, then you can deactivate this feature in the settings of your phone.

com sec unifiedwfc

With Wi-Fi connectivity, all things depend on the internet. A strong connection is extremely important and crucial in recent times. An unreliable Wi-Fi connection usually displays an error, so attempt to fool your connection. Fix these issues by clearing cached data and many other. Additionally, you can remove the application on your phone using the Android debug bridge or using a system-wide app remover.

What exactly is the word “com sec” in unifiedwfc?

It’s a kind of application that allows Wi-Fi calls on, and is an installed application for Samsung Smartphones. The term “com sec” refers to unifiedwfc, the “sec” signifies “Samsung Electronic co. ltd” and “Unified Wi-Fi calling” is described as unifiedwfc.

The Wi-Fi calling service allows users to make calls, and accept or decline calls. It is essential to have a reliable Wi-Fi network if you’re using Wi-Fi calls as it’s only possible when you’re connected to the internet, otherwise, you can’t make calls via Wi-Fi. When you make calls using Wi-Fi, they are of high quality and more stable compared to the calls made over the network of the carrier. The calls made over Wi-Fi are absolutely free since the call is made via the Internet and not via the network used by the carrier. You have already paid for Wi-Fi, therefore you don’t have to pay any additional cost to make a phone call.

What exactly is Wi-Fi calling?

In simple terms the term Wi-Fi calling is used to describe calling indefinitely with an internet connection that is wireless. If you receive a phone call from your provider network? The sound isn’t clear and then the sound cracks. Therefore, you should consider using Wi-Fi calling during that time to be comfortable talking to anyone for several hours. If we are talking using Wi-Fi calls, you can hear the call extremely clear. If you have the Wi-Fi calling feature active on your phone the moment your cell service is set to expire or is completed, it will automatically change into Wi-Fi calls.

To enable Wi-Fi calling, access your “Phone” app on your device. You’ll see three dots on the upper right-hand side of your phone’s screen, simply click on them. Tap on the “Settings”. You can enable Wi-Fi from there.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling with com.sec.unifiedwfc

  1. Improved call quality: Wi-Fi calling can provide superior call quality, especially in areas with poor cellular reception.
  2. Cost savings: Users can avoid costly international roaming charges when traveling abroad by using Wi-Fi calling instead of cellular networks.
  3. Enhanced connectivity: Wi-Fi calling ensures users can stay connected even in locations with limited or no cellular coverage, such as underground facilities or rural areas.
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How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling with com.sec.unifiedwfc

To enable Wi-Fi calling on your Samsung smartphone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the “Phone” app.
  3. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner and select “Settings.”
  4. Locate the “Wi-Fi Calling” option and toggle the switch to the “On” position.

Is com.sec.unifiedwfc malware?

People often think that the apps that are pre-installed on phones contain malware. They are of the opinion that these installed apps could be harmful to their personal data. However, this application, Com Sec unifiedwfc is an app developed by Samsung on its own. It’s a safe app and secure to use.

How do I disable the com sec Unifiedwfc?

If you’d like to uninstall the app or package on your device, then attempt it by visiting the settings on your device. Click on the “Apps”. Look in the list for the app named “com.sec.unifiedwfc” and click it. Tap on the “Delete”. Your application will be deleted.

Reasons for com.sec.unifiedwfc not functioning properly

There could be a variety of reasons that lead them to display problems or cease to function. If this program or application of yours stops working and you are presented with an error message on your screen that reads “Unfortunately the com sec unifiedwfc program has stopped working”. This could be because of the following reasons:

Firmware that is out of date

The issue could arise because of the outdated or updated firmware. In this case, the com.sec.unifiedwfc stops working. Furthermore, if the device is using custom firmware in place of the stock one, then the error may also be visible.

The memory card that is defective

It’s possible that there’s a problem or defect on your memory card, and because that, the error is displaying. It could be a physical issue or malware of some sort.

The Wi-Fi system is not stable.

If you’re experiencing unstable Wi-Fi connections, it could be displayed with a pop-up message. For Wi-Fi calls to be successful, your connection must be stable. Make sure you check the connection regularly.

Not updated on OS

The application com sec unifiedwfc will cease to function in the event that your device is not current. If you do not wish to experience any errors on the phone, or you don’t want to experience an error related to a Wi-Fi call, make sure you upgrade your phone on time. It is important to check your phone’s updates frequently. Each update will bring improvements to the features of your device.

Temporary cached files that are not cleared

Your system is likely to show various kinds of errors and bugs when you’ve overloaded or damaged a temporarily cached file. These files that are cached take up lots of memory, which causes the aforementioned errors.

Third-party applications

Third-party apps that are downloaded from the Google Play store for our convenience may be risky for your phone. It is recommended to avoid downloading the apps or get them downloaded from a reliable and secure website. These apps can carry viruses along with them, which can cause damage to the internal components of your phone.

How do I fix com.sec.unifiedwfc isn’t working?

Now, the issue is that the application does not have a 100% error-free experience. We must make these corrections to allow you to enjoy Wi-Fi calls on your mobile phone without obstacles. Try to correct the issue by using the techniques listed below.

Setup Stock Firmware

Reinstall the operating system software on your device with Flash Stock ROM (Firmware). What it does is clean and update all software installed on the system. By doing this, all mistakes that you will see on your phone will be eliminated. But keep this in mind, this process will also clean your phone’s data.

The steps to install this firmware are as follows:

  1. Visit a site that installs Firmware files. Firmware file.
  2. Please download the Stock firmware files to your device.
  3. Utilizing a flashing tool to flash those firmware data files.

The second option to install stock firmware, particularly for Samsung users, is that they can download directly from Samsung Odin.

Repair memory card

You can test it by reinstalling your memory card into your device. If the error still appears even after reinserting your card, then the first option is to reconnect your memory stick to it, and change the format. If the issue persists, you can have it checked at any service center close to where you live.

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Stable Wi-Fi connection

It’s true that when you use Wi-Fi calling, you can chat with your relatives or friends for many hours. Also, it’s true that voices are heard clearly when you use Wi-Fi calls. All of this can be confirmed only if your Wi-Fi connection is stable and strong. If the signals from your Wi-Fi connection aren’t strong, your phone will switch directly to the network of your carrier. Also, make sure to look for Wi-Fi connection. It also plays a vital role in this.

Update OS

Make sure to check your software’s updates regularly. Some companies do this to earn profits, they install new updates to the phone typically every month to ensure that customers can upgrade their phones and purchase every month more. This is why these companies introduce new features to your phone every month to ensure that your phone can start acting more intelligently. The upgraded software ensures that your phone is bug-free and also much more efficient. If you’d like to know if your phone has been upgraded or not, there is nothing to do You need to go into the settings of your phone. Scroll down, and search for”System”. Click on ” System“. Next, you can click ” Advanced“. Then, you can click ” System updates” and turn off your smartphone to update. Sometimes, the errors are eliminated following the update of the software.

Remove cached data

If you haven’t removed the caches of applications running on your phone you could still be able to see this type of error. By clearing and removing the temporary files and caches, your phone will run without a hitch and not display errors. If you don’t want the storage capacity of your phone to decrease, clear the cached files during your free time as they occupy a large amount of the internal storage space of your phone. If you don’t want to be frustrated over and over from these glitches and errors you should just hit the delete cache. Clearing caches, are accessible through the “Settings” of your Samsung smartphone. Click on “Apps”. Then, click on the application named “com.sec.unifiedwfc” and remove its cache.

Run an Antivirus

Different kinds of advertisements appear on the internet and you may click on them, so it is not recommended to click on these kinds of ads. Avoid clicking on ads displayed on the internet because they aren’t safe or secure. Sometimes they could carry viruses with them. These ads create an error to your mobile. Install a safe and secure antivirus onto your phone. Once you start it up and run an extensive examination of your device. you’ll know if the issue is present or not. If it discovers any errors on the device, it’ll fix it by itself. After the scan is complete, reboot your device. It is essential to have an antivirus running on your phone. It is vital for your phone, and if it is not regularly make sure you do an extensive scan twice every week.

Start your mobile

Restart your smartphone. Clearing caches on the application on your phone. It’s a safe bet since this won’t damage your data in any way, and it’s secure for your smartphone. It is recommended to soft restart your phone at least every week. Upon restarting, you’ll feel your phone’s internals glowing. When you restart your phone, it will only corrupt the temporary file of the device will get removed and everything else is protected. The error will also become cleared.

Try factory reset

Perform a factory reset of your phone. Sometimes, viruses can infiltrate your phone, and you may not know about it. Then, problems begin to appear and you are angry. Every type of virus is extremely harmful to your phone as it can damage the internal components of the phone. Therefore, once you factory reset your phone, through this method, you can determine whether the phone has viruses or not. Before factory setting your phone, create an archive of all your important data such as images, documents or anything else important, and save them to Google Cloud because all of your data will be lost following an unintentional reset.

Due to third-party applications

There are a lot of third-party apps that are available on the Play Store that can carry viruses with them. It is recommended to avoid installing them. Make sure to delete these applications and then perform an unintentional restart as soon as you have deleted it. It’s likely that the error will disappear. If you wish to erase any app on your phone for good, make sure to hold long on the app. There will be three options. Click “Uninstall”. The apps from third parties are not completely secure.

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Does it make sense to uninstall com sec unwfc?

As I’ve seen it, this isn’t a great option to uninstall this com sec unifiedwfc program off your Samsung smartphone. If you uninstall installed applications on your device the phone will hang or is comparatively slower. This app can only allow you to make Wi-Fi calls, it doesn’t contain any kind of virus.

How can I remove the unifiedwfc of com sec?

If you are still looking to remove the app after you’ve read the consequences, you can uninstall Com Sec unifiedwfc application from your phone. If you delete this program from your phone, you won’t have the benefits of Wi-Fi calling once more.

You can remove the cCom.sec.unifiedwfc program off your Samsung smartphone in two ways. You can delete it through the use of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or making use of a System App remover.

Android debug bridge (ADB)

Unix shells can be ported to your smartphone through the installation of ADB, the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). To uninstall this option, you will need either a laptop or a computer to hand. It is the first thing to do to go into the settings on the Samsung smartphone. Click on the “System”. Click on “About phone”. Then, go to the settings on your phone. Click on “Developer options”. Allow the option of USB debugging to be enabled from there. Install the Android debug bridge on your computer. In a folder, you can extract from the ZIP file, and start it. Hold the shift key. Then immediately right-click on the empty space. Then, tap on “Open Powershell window” and then type in your command ADB devices.

Now, take now a USB cable and using it, connect your smartphone and computer to one another. Start your commands Android debug bridge shell, and uninstall the Com Sec Unified WFC. Wait until the application is uninstalled from your phone.

System app remover

Root your device. After you have successfully rooted your phone. Install the app System App Remover on your phone. Start the application by pressing on it. Search for the com.sec.unifiedwfc through the search results and then choose it. Finally, click uninstall. This application has now been totally removed completely from the phone.


I’m hoping that you’ve grasped the meaning of the com sec unifiedwfc, and why it is crucial to your gadget. If you do not remove it, you won’t be able to call using Wi-Fi. This is an already installed application on your device, and is very beneficial. You can speak for long hours using Wi-Fi calling.

Always make sure you use a secure site to install any app. Third-party applications may cause problems to your devices. For a hassle-free experience, remove every third-party application on your system. Therefore, there are two options that you can completely remove Wi-Fi calling apps. The one is the Android Debug Bridge and the second option is by making use of the System application remover.


What exactly is com sec the purpose of unifiedwfc?

The com sec unifiedwfc protocol is used to make Wi-Fi-based calls over the network of the carrier. In the event that your carrier’s network is not working correctly, you will not be able to make calls using Wi-Fi.

What can I do to fix this error “Unfortunately Com sec unifiedwfc is no longer functioning”?

To fix the issue, it is recommended to install any antivirus software on your phone, so that if viruses be introduced through a third party, and then removed. Update your antivirus. Reboot your phone. Do an initial reset. Clean cached data. Examine for errors on the memory card. Make sure the Wi-Fi is connected.

Does com sec unifiedwfc include malware?

This application has already been installed on your Samsung phone, so it’s secure. Samsung itself has developed this app for its users to make sure they can benefit from the convenience of Wi-Fi-based calling. It’s completely secure, safe, and safe.

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