Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working: How to fix

The Nintendo Switch, celebrated for its remarkable versatility, effortlessly shifting between handheld and docked modes, sometimes encounters perplexing issues with its dock. These unforeseen hiccups disrupt the seamless experience users expect. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the intricacies of the Nintendo Switch dock’s unexpected downtime, addressing the common woes associated with “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working” and delivering effective solutions to restore its functionality.

Understanding the error

To embark on the journey of resolving the enigma behind the “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working,” it is imperative to commence with a profound comprehension of the issue’s essence. When the Nintendo Switch dock experiences a bout of non-cooperation, its manifestations can be as diverse as the colors of a vibrant palette. These symptoms encompass scenarios such as a silent TV screen, audio anomalies, or the vexing intermittence of connectivity. Thus, acquainting oneself with the precise symptoms becomes the compass guiding you toward an effective diagnosis and resolution.

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

How to fix Nintendo Switch Dock not Working

Fix -1: Update Your Switch

As you embark on the journey to restore the functionality of your Nintendo Switch dock, it is imperative to begin with a fundamental step – ensuring that your console’s software is kept up-to-date. This crucial measure involves keeping your Switch system software consistently updated to its latest version, which can prove instrumental in resolving potential compatibility issues that may be hindering the dock’s seamless operation.

Before delving into the intricacies of troubleshooting, this foundational step sets the stage for a more effective and efficient resolution of any problems you may encounter with your Nintendo Switch dock. By staying vigilant and proactive in keeping your console’s software current, you lay a solid foundation for a smoother and more trouble-free gaming experience.

Fix -2: Are You Using a Nintendo Dock?

Within the expansive realm of available docking solutions for the Nintendo Switch, a prudent path emerges—one that beckons you towards the official Nintendo Switch dock. This recommendation is not arbitrary; it arises from the inherent advantages it bestows, particularly in the realm of compatibility.

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While the market teems with a myriad of third-party alternatives, opting for the official Nintendo Switch dock significantly mitigates the likelihood of encountering the treacherous quagmires of compatibility issues. It stands as a paragon of harmony, tailored precisely for your gaming experience. If, by chance, your current setup relies on a third-party dock, it may be judicious to contemplate a transition towards the official Nintendo Switch dock. This strategic maneuver can serve as a preemptive strike, effectively sidestepping potential issues and ensuring a seamless and trouble-free gaming journey.

Fix -3: Power Cycle Your Switch

In the realm of troubleshooting for the Nintendo Switch, one finds the art of power cycling—an elementary yet potent technique. This procedure involves the complete shutdown of your console, followed by its revival. While seemingly straightforward, this method possesses a remarkable ability to dispel minor glitches that may have besieged your system, effectively breathing new life into it and restoring it to a state of normalcy.

The power cycle stands as a testament to the simplicity of effective problem-solving, and it serves as a valuable tool in your arsenal when addressing issues with your Nintendo Switch. By mastering this technique, you equip yourself with the means to overcome challenges and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Fix -4: Use the Correct Order for Cables

Meticulous attention to cable connections is paramount in the quest to conquer the “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working” conundrum. The HDMI cable must establish a secure link, bridging the gap between the dock and the TV, while the USB-C cable demands a firm and unyielding connection, ensuring it is firmly anchored in both the dock and the Switch.

Fix -5: Check the HDMI Cable

Vigilant scrutiny of the HDMI cable’s physical condition becomes a vital aspect of your endeavor to conquer the “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working” enigma. Examine the cable closely, scouring for any telltale signs of damage or wear. Should you unearth any evidence of cable distress, do not hesitate to replace it promptly. A simple cable swap can often prove instrumental in vanquishing display-related woes.

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Fix -6: Use the Official HDMI Cable

Opting for the official HDMI cable that accompanies your Nintendo Switch emerges as a prudent choice whenever circumstances allow. This cable, meticulously crafted and tailored to perfection, is imbued with a unique compatibility that harmonizes seamlessly with the dock’s intricate workings. Harnessing the official HDMI cable is akin to unlocking a portal to optimal performance, ensuring your dock functions flawlessly.

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Fix -7: Try a Friend’s Dock or Switch

In your quest to unravel the mysteries of the “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working” dilemma, consider a strategic move – seeking assistance from a friend’s Nintendo Switch or dock for diagnostic purposes. This collaborative approach can serve as a litmus test, helping you discern whether the issue lies within your hardware or not. If your Switch collaborates seamlessly with their dock (or vice versa), it offers a compelling clue that points toward a potential hiccup in your original hardware configuration.

Fix -8: Check the Switch Dock Power Supply

A meticulous audit of the dock’s power supply becomes paramount when combating the specter of “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working.” A vigilant eye should be cast upon the power adapter and its accompanying cable, as they play pivotal roles in ensuring a stable power flow. Beware the lurking threat of a faulty adapter or cable, for they possess the capacity to invoke power-related conundrums of the highest order.

Fix -9: Change the TV Output Resolution Configuration

Delving into the labyrinth of TV output resolution configurations within your Nintendo Switch presents itself as a potential remedy for resolving display-related quandaries. The art of experimentation takes center stage here, as you bravely tinker with different settings to ascertain if the issue undergoes a positive transformation. This trial-and-error approach might unveil the key to unlocking a flawless display experience.

Fix -10: Disable Power State Matching

Among the treasure trove of user experiences, some have stumbled upon a potential solution – the deactivation of the “Power State Matching” option within the Switch’s settings. While this feature is intended to harmonize the power states of your console and the dock, it may, under certain circumstances, sow the seeds of discord. Disabling this option might be the key to resolving the issue that has left you in a state of perplexity.

Fix -11: Clean Your Dock and Switch Port

In the ongoing quest to conquer the perplexing issue of the “Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working,” it becomes apparent that the culprits responsible for this enigmatic saga often assume the guise of dust or debris. These insidious intruders manage to infiltrate the sanctum of both the dock and the Nintendo Switch’s USB-C port, thereby disrupting the harmonious connection required for seamless operation.

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In the face of this challenge, a vigilant approach is not just advisable but essential. The remedy to this predicament takes the form of a meticulous cleansing ritual, one that requires both patience and precision. Armed with the tools of the trade, such as compressed air or a gentle brush, embark on this purifying journey. Your mission is clear: liberate both the dock and the console’s port from the clutches of these intrusive particles that threaten to derail the connection. By taking this proactive and thorough approach, you pave the way for a resumption of normalcy in the operation of your Nintendo Switch Dock. Your diligence ensures that the path to uninterrupted gaming experiences remains clear, free from the hindrance of dust and debris.


Navigating the treacherous waters of a malfunctioning Nintendo Switch dock may test your patience, but fear not, for a solution often lies within reach. Armed with the wisdom of patience and the right arsenal of troubleshooting steps, you can often vanquish the issue and restore tranquility to your gaming realm. This article has equipped you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to diagnose and conquer the challenges posed by the Nintendo Switch dock not working, ensuring uninterrupted gaming pleasure.


My Nintendo Switch isn’t displaying on the TV through the dock. What should I do first?

Check cable connections and ensure the dock is powered on. Try a different HDMI port on your TV.

The audio is missing when I use the dock. How can I fix it?

Verify HDMI and audio settings on your TV. Restart your Switch and check the dock’s audio output.

My Switch’s screen flickers when docked. What could be causing this?

It might be an HDMI cable issue. Try a new cable or connect your Switch directly to the TV.

The Nintendo Switch dock is not charging my console. How can I resolve this?

Ensure the dock’s power supply is connected correctly. Test the power adapter with other devices to confirm.

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