How to fix android.process.acore has stopped error

Another common error that Android users often report has happened to them. The ‘android.process.acore’ error message suddenly pops up rendering the phone inactive temporarily. Users say they can’t access the dial at that moment. However, there are quite a few ways of eradicating this issue from your phone. To make things easy for you, we will be going to talk about all the possible solutions for resolving this error in an instant. Let us know about the error first as it’s always better to solve something after having an understanding of its root cause. So, let’s get started right away. 


What are the side effects of the android.process.acore error getting stopped on my Android phone?

There are a few after-effects of the android.process.acore keeps on stopping. Being prevalent mostly in Android phones, it causes:-

  1. Contacts Cache Memory gets corrupted:- Cache memory comprises all the unused and unwanted residual files of all the running operations. Your Android contacts also have cache memory. If it gets corrupted somehow, you can consider this as an effect of the android.process.acore error. You will not be able to access the contact-related options for the time being.
  2. Causes malware issues:- Androids have a possibility of getting susceptible to malware. These malware causes malfunctioning and exploits your confidential data and privacy. This android.process.acore message repeatedly showing up can block operations that invite these malwares.
  3. OS Crashing:- The android.process.acore error continuously blocks the Android tasks. This causes the entire OS to hang and crash suddenly. Repeated crashes must be treated by some expert.
  4. Insufficient memory:- You will see that your phone storage is totally filled up in this case. One never gets to know what is making the phone occupy so much memory. Better use cleaners or clean your phone daily of unwanted files, images, videos, or .apk files. 

Ways to solve android.process.acore error

There are quite many probable solutions to eradicate this Android issue. We will discuss them one by one. Read them carefully and then try to implement them.

Method 1: Restart your Android phone

In any kind of software-related issue, the first thing you should always try is to perform a reboot. Rebooting removes all the bugs and glitches in an instant. These bugs often enter the Android OS through the internet or just as a result of the software update. If you can’t perform any task and get interrupted by this android.process.acore error, you can definitely try this trick. 

Method 2: Update the Contacts and Messaging apps

Contacts and messaging apps are an integral part of any Android phone. If by chance these apps are out of date, the android.process.acore error might peek into. These applications can’t be updated directly from the Google Play Store as others but need to be done separately. The Android UI should guide you itself how to carry on with the update from the different options it offers. Just ensure strong and stable internet connectivity. 

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Method 3: Enabling Facebook Application

Sometimes the Facebook app getting disabled causes this type of error. When an application is installed, users have the liberty to enable or disable it at their convenience. If it gets disabled, the android.process.acore might cause disturbances by popping up frequently. Therefore, you have to access the ‘Settings’ menu and check out the Facebook app in the ‘Applications’ tab. If it is kept disabled, enable it. The android.process.acore will no longer keep stopping. 

Method 4: Deactivate Contact syncing

We all know the fact that the contacts we save on our phones get synced with a cloud account against our name. In some device settings, the contacts get synced to our Facebook profiles. This happens if the cloud account is accessed by the Facebook application as well. In that case, the android.process.acore error has a possibility of appearing abruptly.

To fix this issue, we need to separate Facebook access from the cloud. This can be done by turning the sync OFF for Facebook. Thereby Facebook will not keep any record of your saved contacts and you can never retain them if they get lost. Hence, you can just create a backup of your contacts on the Google account. The steps to disable sync by Facebook are as follows:-

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Check out the ‘Accounts’ settings. Or just go to the ‘Applications’ tab.
  3. Navigate to the Facebook app and open it.
  4. On the following screen, look for the sync option. Disable it.

Method 5: Eradicate the App Cache Data

Cache data are the residual files extracted from any Android task. This unwanted data can corrupt an app’s seamless working causing trouble. An app’s cache data is one of the causes of why it keeps on crashing and brings the android.process.acore error along with it. To clear the cache data of an app, follow these steps:-

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu from your phone.
  2. Go to the ‘Applications’ tab.
  3. Find the ‘Facebook’ app option. Select it.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Clear Cache data/ Clear Cache/ Clear Data’ bar. Tap on it to clear the app’s cache data. 

Method 6: Clean all the Android Cache Memory

Apart from cleaning each app’s cache data, you should also clean your Android device’s cache memory. Letting cache data pile up indefinitely will increase the probability of the android.process.acore error popping up. Therefore, you can just clear all the Android cache memory through the ‘Recovery mode’. Follow these steps to canary out the method:-

  1. Press and hold down the ‘Power’ button for a few seconds until the ‘Shut down’ option shows up.
  2. Keeping the device power ON, press the ‘Power’ and either ‘Volume Up’ or ‘Volume Down’ keys together. This will activate the ‘Recovery Mode’ on your Android device.
  3. On the following screen, you will see the option for clearing device Cache data. Select it at once. 
  4. The device Cache data will start cleaning up. After completion, reboot your phone. 

Method 7: Uninstall and then Re-Install the Facebook and Messenger

In order to kill this android.process.acore error, you might have to Uninstall and then again Re-install the Facebook and Messenger apps. These apps are almost equally synced with each other and thus go hand-in-hand. You can uninstall them by just holding the app symbol till the uninstall option shows up. Tap on it to install them instantly or just drag them to the ‘Uninstall’ bar on the top corner of the screen. 

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To re-install them, go to the ‘Google Play Store’. Search for Facebook and Messenger apps. Install them simultaneously. After proper re-installation, you have to just log in to your account to claim it as yours. 

Method 8: Modify the App Preferences back to Default

Every Android user has the liberty to set their App preferences according to their convenience. Only you are liable to permit the installed apps for having access to your device camera, location, contacts, and other services. If the android.process.acore error keeps you from performing some task, you can just set these app preferences back to ‘Default’. Just follow these steps:-

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Go to the ‘Applications’ tab.
  3. Open app preferences.
  4. Set the option which resets everything to ‘Default’.

Once everything is set to default, it will kill the android.process.acore error. You can later set the app preferences according to your needs. 

Method 9: Use some Alternatives for the Contacts

Your Android device getting corrupted is one of the reasons why android.process.acore keeps stopping. But there is a way to prevent this as well. You can use a different application to edit and save new contacts. 

There is a wide range of applications available in the market which will suit you in this aspect. Check the reviews in the Google Play Store and download a suitable one. 

However, this method is better if implemented temporarily until the error stops showing up. The pre-installed contacts services will always be there. Once the error problem is resolved, you can just uninstall the third-party app.  

Method 10: Log out and then Re-login to your Google Account

The Google Account has many utilities in ensuring seamless Android services. There is always an invisible link between the contacts saved to your phone and your Google account’s cloud system. 

If this connection faces disruptions due to app preferences or gets snapped, it might lead to the android.process.acore keep stopping. If this is the case, you can just try re-establishing the link by checking out the steps below:-

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu from your Android device.
  2. Go to the ‘Applications’ tab.
  3. Find the ‘Google’ option.
  4. Locate your active Google Account. You have to remove the account which is backing up your contacts. 
  5. You have to remove that account by selecting it and then tapping the ‘Remove/ Remove Account’ option. You can also remove all the accounts present on the device if you want. 
  6. Once the account is removed, perform a reboot of your phone.
  7. Now open any one of the Google applications is it either Gmail, Play Store, Drive, or YouTube. This should be done to recover your Google Account.
  8. Search your account and if you see your Google profile picture in the top-right corner, tap on it.
  9. Now select the option ‘Add Account’.
  10.  Enter your login credentials in the following screen to re-login into the Google Account you have been using all these days. This will re-establish the link between your Google account and the Android services and the android.process.acore error is bound to be fixed. 
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Method 11: Keep your OS upgraded to the Latest Version

The Android OS, if outdated, might cause problems related to its speed and throughput. These occur mainly due to the system bugs which peek into the system gradually. Updating your Android OS to the latest version will help you get rid of these irritating bugs and glitches. Moreover, it will also bring in new and exclusive features. 

Upgrading is also an effective method to eradicate the Android.Process.System error. Since this error is also backed by some system bug, once the OS gets an upgrade, it will also fix itself normally. 

Android users usually get a notification whenever a new update is available in the market. If you follow this notification, it will take you to the window which will give you an intro about the update, what it’s fixing, what it’s bringing, and all. If you like it, you are always provided with the choice of installing it on your Android. 

Also, you can just open the ‘Settings’ menu and navigate to the ‘ About/ About Phone’ section. Here you can see all the phone settings related to the Android’s User Interface and check if any update is available. If it is, it would be recommendable to install it at once. Android releases a new update fixing all the security features once a month. Smaller updates come at regular updates and most of the time they get installed automatically. A completely newer Android version is made available in the market once a year. 

The new updated OS takes a bit longer to install. But once it is done, you will be looking at a completely new Android User Interface with new perks which enhance it to a great extent. The system bugs will also get killed followed by the android.process.acore error message. 


So these were some of the most popular methods to fix the android.process.acore error that keeps stopping. Go through them and we are sure that one of these will surely resolve this issue. Read all the steps and execute them minutely. We hope this piece of article helps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Android Acore?

The process android.process.acore has stopped error is an Android error. It is mainly related to some glitch in the Android’s cache memory. It might also be due to a specific app’s cache data getting corrupted.

What should I do when my phone says unfortunately the process com Android SystemUI has stopped?

Before trying any of the tricks, just perform a quick reboot of your device by holding down the power button. It will kill all the operational bugs that are causing the error in an instant.

What does has stopped mean?

When this error occurs, it signals that the media storage units of your device have been corrupted temporarily. Clear the device cache data and also that of the installed apps. This will probably help you get rid of this error.

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