DiagMonAgent: In-Depth Guide

Our smartphones have been customized in such a way that we have been already provided with many preinstalled applications. It not only reduces the dependability of users on other apps but also increases the efficiency of your device. Users need to search and download software less frequently the more apps and functions a device has. Users are more likely to use the service offered and stick with the developers if the app is included with the device. In this article, we are particularly going to discuss one such preinstalled application known as DiagMonAgent. Also known as a diagnostic monitor agent is responsible for monitoring the functioning of various programs on your device and reporting to the developers if it is malfunctioning.

What is DiagMonAgent?

It is a preinstalled application that is generally found in android Samsung devices. The DiagMonAgent is in charge of inspecting your device and performing a diagnosis in the event that any errors or problems are discovered. This app is especially helpful if your system is outdated or if you have received numerous notifications regarding problems with your device. Diagmonagent is a crucial element of your android operating system. However, not all Android smartphones support it. Only Samsung phones will have it installed. Your system is kept secure by the system application. It may also display obtrusive error warnings at the same time.

DiagMonAgent In-Depth Guide
DiagMonAgent In-Depth Guide

Significance of DiagMonAgent application

The importance of this application is mostly ignored by android users. As this app works in the background, users are not much aware of its functions. There are many other functions that this application performs apart from diagonalizing malfunctioning programs in the system, The program allows the user to test the display using the buttons in its primary colors. By touching it, you may determine whether the display is functioning properly.

It has a feature that provides you with the access of looking upon the Android receiver. Here, you must first say anything that will be heard by you. Thus, verifying operation and transmission at the receiver’s end is helpful. An app vibration test is available. This software can assist you in checking your device’s sensors if you have the most recent Samsung model. You can use this application for testing various sensors including camera, acceleration, etc. with it, for instance. In order to test your device using this application, using the phone dialer app, enter *#0*#.

Is DiagMonAgent a safe application?

Some users might consider this app as a source of viruses or malware applications. It’s possible that a user’s negative experiences with this application are to blame. But dear user, don’t forget that the foremost purpose of this application is to keep your device and system extremely safe from wizards. The app is extremely safe only then it has been installed on your device by the developers. Although it might face some errors, but we should not avoid its necessity in that case. Any application can face issues or errors that can be fixed easily.

Disadvantages of diagmonagent application

“Sending report” notification:

 On Android 5 and possibly later versions, the DiagMonAgent software requests “sending report,” which appears in the notification bar after turning on the Wi-Fi. Although the specific report it transmits is unknown, we think it has something to do with other system applications. Sensors for cameras, acceleration, etc. Even though some people may find the notice unpleasant, it is necessary for the DiagMonAgent to function. If you see it after turning on the Wi-Fi, that’s the quite normal procedure; however, if you see it frequently, something is obviously amiss.

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“Diagmonagent has stopped” error:

 On Samsung smartphones, the DiagMonAgent has ceased to message is a well-known problem. It can be quite frustrating when the notice begins to display as the users attempt to complete key tasks. Let’s have a look at some error fixation methods to resolve this error.

Methods to fix error in diagmonagent application

“Force restart” your smartphone

The error message can be because of a specific virus or bug. It will assist to restart your device forcibly. The running processes would all abruptly come to an end. Since the problem message only appears on Samsung smartphones, you can use this method. The Android logo will emerge if you continue to hold down the Power and Volume Down keys, and the device will be restarted.

Updating the Android system

When prompted to do so, updating your smartphone’s operating system closes security holes and enhances the functionality of your device. However, there are precautions you may take in advance to safeguard your device and any pictures or other private items that are on it. It is important to update your device whenever there is a new update so as to fix all the errors and bugs in the system. Use the below-mentioned method to upgrade your device:

  • Open the settings app on your phone
  • navigate to the system option
  • Tap on about phone
  • Download the pending updates
System Update

Clear cache of the application

Occasionally, corrupted old cache files can cause misbehavior in the application. Apps may experience performance issues when this occurs. These problems can be fixed by deleting problematic cache files. Clear cache in the following ways:

  • Go to Settings app > Application Manager.
  • The three dotted icons is located in the top right corner of your screen
  • Click on Show System Apps.
  • Look for the Diagmonagent application.
  • Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache option after selecting Storage from the menu.

“Force stop” the application

Because it ends all the program’s active processes, forcing a misbehaving app to close can be useful. The software can no longer access its cache files as a result. The app stops responding because it can no longer interface with the resources on your device. Force stopping an app is an easy process;

  • Select Application Manager in the Settings app.
  • The three dots icon is located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose Show System Apps from the given options.
  • Locate the Diagmonagent application and choose it.
  • Then Tap Storage
  • Press Force Stop
  • Restart your device to see the change

Factory reset your device

All data on the device is irretrievably lost after a factory reset. Although they don’t delete the device’s operating system, factory resets can often resolve a number of persistent performance issues. Along with fixing viruses and bugs, your device will return to its most recent state. Everything will operate without a hitch and RAM use will be reduced. Before performing the factory reset method, make sure you have a backup of all your important data and files by going on settings> tap google>tap backup. You can perform this method through these steps;

  • Open Settings app> Click on the General option and then tap Backup and Reset
  • Click on the Factory Data Reset option
  • Select Reset Device from the list
  • Tap Delete All to confirm the process
  • Restart your device

Repair tools

If none of the methods helps you to fix the error in the diagmonagent app, you can try these repairing tools:

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it is considered the best method to repair any app or program of the system. You can make use of this kit by following these methods;

  • Check out the Droidkit website.
  • Select the Download icon.
  • After installation, run it.
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • Select Fix System.
  • To start the repair procedure, tap Start.
  • Activate Download Mode on your device by according to the on-screen directions.
  • Open the package that appears on the screen of your device.

Dr.fone tool:

This repairing tool would surely resolve the error “diagmonagent has stopped”. Most of the users usually prefer this tool or droid kit in order to find the solution to their error. Its working is quite

  • Browse the Dr. Fone website.
  • On the main screen, look for and select the Download button.
  • Wait for the program to download, then start it.
  • Join your Android phone to your computer.
  • Simply press the System Repair Fix button.
  • Decide on System Repair
  • Put your phone in Download Mode by adhering to the prompts that appear.
  • Set up the software program that appears on the screen of the device.

Android system repairing tool: 

This tool has been developed for android device users to fix all sorts of malfunctioning in apps and android systems. You can use this tool for repairing the diagmonagent app in your Samsung device. Have a look at the steps you must follow to activate this tool;

  • Please visit the Android Repair Tool website after opening chrome.
  • On the screen of your device, look for and select the Download button.
  • Your Samsung device should be connected to a USB on your computer.
  • Launch the maintenance program.
  • Select System Repair from the menu choices on the screen.
  • To enter, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. Mode of Download
  • The firmware file that appears on the screen should be installed.

Disabling diagmonagent application

If all the fixes don’t work, you can disable the diagmonagent application temporarily. Try again this app after enabling it. Follow these steps for disabling this application;

  • Open the settings app on your phone; choose the application manager option
  • Choose the diagmonagent app from the list
  • Tap uninstall updates
  • Again, open the application and choose to disable the option
  • Restart your device

Uninstalling diagmonagent application

Using ADB

It allows for various actions, such as file transfers, command execution, app installation,  debugging, and connectivity with a device. ADB can be used to adjust obscure settings, set up apps in conjunction with ADB to activate strong features, and improve the overall user experience on the device. This method is quite complex, but following these steps accurately can solve the problem. It consists of three main elements; a client (which runs ADB commands), a Daemon (which runs as a background processor), and a server (which keeps track of all connected devices and gives each one a separate state). Make sure the pc is available to execute this method in order to uninstall the diagmonagent app. Now look at the following steps;

  • Navigate to Device Settings > System > About Phone.
  • To enable Developer Options, tap the build number seven times.
  • Open Developer Options in the previous menu.
  • Switch On USB debugging.
  • Start ADB on your computer.
  • Make a folder and extract the ZIP file in it.
  • Open the same folder after the last step.
  • Right-click on an empty space while continuing to hold down the shift button.
  • Select “Open PowerShell window here” by clicking.
  • Type the ADB devices command.
  • Use a cord to connect your Android handset to the computer.
  • In order to complete the uninstallation of the application, enter the command: ADB shell pm uninstall —user 0 com.sec.android.diagmonagent.
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Using system app remover:

This method is best for the users who do not have computers and the non-techie ones. Working with this method is far easier than the android debug bridge.

  • Get the system app uninstaller and set it up.
  • Start the app and look for DiagMonAgent.
  • Put a tick in the box next to the app now.
  • At last, click on the uninstallation option.
System app manager playstore

Remember, this method mentioned above to uninstall the diagmonagent app require root access. When a device is rooted, all user-installed programs can use privileged commands that are normally inaccessible to devices. For more complex and sometimes hazardous activities, such as editing or deleting system files, removing pre-installed programs, and gaining low-level access to the hardware itself, rooting is necessary.

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All the pre-installed applications are an integral part of your smartphone. These all system apps system increase the security and efficiency of your device. Sometimes they may cause minor issues, as any normal app can. Uninstalling these android applications is not at all a smart move, as every app and program has its own role to play. We personally don’t recommend permanently removing these apps from the system. So we have covered all the important concepts regarding diagmonagent application including its functions, issues, and possible methods to solve these errors. We have also discussed the ways to disable or uninstall this application. We hope you find the solution to your problem through this article.


Q1. What permission do diagmonagent need?

Ans. Typically, the software keeps an eye on the majority of actions associated with the Samsung Android device. You must first navigate to the settings to learn more about the access permissions of any application. You then need to go to the features of the app. The permissions button is visible there. If you click the permissions button, you’ll see that the program is already accessed. So this application requires the permission of the Phone. You cannot deny access to this app.

Q2. What is KNOX on my smartphone?

Ans. All Galaxy devices have access to a safe environment for business data and apps thanks to Samsung Knox, a top mobile security solution. Without the need for third-party IT protection, it safeguards both your personal and professional privacy from a single device. You can find and combat malware programs with the use of a variety of security apps. Since hackers are becoming more skilled at getting past these security apps, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that they can identify, block, or eliminate the aforementioned risks.
Keep sure the protection is coming from the operating system layer if you want to make your Android smartphone safe and error-proof. The newest Samsung devices have a multi-layered architecture called Knox that is integrated into both the hardware and software. Through a series of security checks that start at the platform level and go all the way down to the operating system, Knox continuously monitors the integrity of the device and looks for any tampering to ensure that your data is always secure.

Q3. What is an SKMS agent?

Ans. It is a pre-installed service application that is only found in Samsung devices. The phone is protected from outside threats by SKMS, which functions as an antivirus. But it serves more than just that. It enables access to online payment methods.

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