How to reset Keyboard

Is your keyboard acting improperly? This article shows you how to reset the keyboard on your PC or Mac to fix any form of keyboard issue. Your keyboard can be reset in a variety of ways. And the procedures are different on Windows and macOS. But do not worry, they are all really simple. And you will quickly return to your regular typing routine.

Also, You are not the only individual who has also attempted to reset a keyboard but has also been unsuccessful. You may accomplish this by using some of the helpful techniques in this piece. It will demonstrate how to reconfigure a keyboard on a Mac or Windows computer. I suppose it will be beneficial to you. You may be also required to reconfigure your keyboard if you discover that it is not functioning efficiently. You can learn how to complete this task by following the steps listed below.

How to reset Keyboard
How to reset Keyboard

Reset your keyboard: steps to follow

Meanwhile, You can try restarting the keyboard to see if that solves any strange behavior your keyboard may be exhibiting. Such as illumination problems or lack of sensitivity.

  • Try to reset your wired keyboard first.
  • Reactivate your wireless keyboard
  • What to do if resetting is ineffective?

Reset your keyboard that is wired

For resolving unforeseen problems, the majority of Corsair keyboards offer a reset mechanism.

Any MK2 keyboards, including the K95 RGB Platinum.

  • Pull the keyboard’s cord.
  • Tap and hold the ESC key while the keyboard is unplugged.
  • Reconnect the keyboard to the computer by keeping the ESC key depressed.
  • Hold down ESC till the keyboard starts to glow.
  • Insert the keys back in after once more unplugging it.

If your keyboard is a K55:

  • Switch off your keyboard.
  • Once more connecting your keyboard to your computer, firmly press and hold the FN and F4 keys.
  • Following ten seconds, let go of the FN and F4 keys. At this moment, the keyboard should flash.
  • Replace the firmware on your keyboard by opening iCUE.
  • Any mismatch alerts that appear should be ignored.

For all further keyboards:

  • Switch off your keyboard.
  • Holding the ESC key down while unplugging the keyboard.
  • Reconnect the keyboard to your computer whilst keeping the ESC key depressed.
  • Release the ESC key after a few seconds. If the reset is effective, the keyboard illumination will flicker.

Your wireless keyboard- Reset

However, The procedures for repairing a wireless keyboard will be completely different than those for a wired keyboard.

A wireless keyboard can be rebooted by:

  • Disconnect your keyboard.
  • Holding the ESC key down while the keyboard seems to be off.
  • Hold down the ESC key to activate your keyboard.
  • Push the ESC key for a few seconds. If the reset is effective, the keyboard illumination will glow.

Repair a Windows computer’s keyboard

Get all the reset keyboard directions from this section if you are running Windows.

Returning Your Keyboard’s Default Settings on a Windows Computer.

 Use the steps below to reset your keyboard to its factory preset configuration.

  • To access Device Manager, perform right-click on the Start menu and select it from the menu that appears.
  • Locate the keyboard device you wish to reset by clicking Keyboards to enlarge it.
  • The next action is to right-click it and select Uninstall gadget.
  • To finalize deleting the selected keyboard, choose Uninstall in the pop-up box.
  • Click Yes to restart your computer to complete the removal of the selected keyboard.
  • Launch Device Manager once more in step six. First, from the top menu, pick Keyboards, then click Scan for hardware changes. Device Manager will display the keyboard once more.
  • Next, pick Upgrade driver while still selecting the same keyboard.
  • Select Automatically check for updated driver software, then permit the installation of the most recent drivers.
  • Start your computer again.
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You should then be able to properly reset the keyboard settings.

How to Changing the Keyboard Language on a Windows Computer

Follow the steps below to alter the keyboard language to reset a keyboard.

  • To launch Windows Settings, press the Win key and the I key simultaneously.
  • First from the left side, select Devices, and thereafter choose Typing.
  • Tap Advanced keyboard options under The most keyboard settings on the correct hand.
  • In the new box, select the desired language by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Override for the default input method area.

You should now be able to correctly reset your keyboard language after completing the aforementioned procedures.

Resetting a Mac computer’s keyboard

Read the rest for tips on how to reset a keyboard on a Mac computer.

Returning Your Mac’s Keyboard to Default Settings

How are keyboard parameters reset? In-depth instructions on how to restore the keyboard’s default settings on a Mac are provided in this section.

  • Select the Preference Pane option after clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner.
  • After selecting Keyboard, press the Modifier Keys button.
  • Select OK after clicking Restore Defaults.

Your keyboard ought to be properly restored to its default settings after following all the instructions.

How to Change the Language of Your Mac’s Keyboard

The following is a simple tutorial on how to adjust the keyboard language on a Mac computer.

  • Select the System Preferences tab after clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select Language & Region, followed by your preferred language.

Hold off till the computer restarts. Then you will need to reset the locale of your keyboard.

Reset firmly

You should perform a hard reset on your computer after performing a soft reset on your pc. If you are experiencing issues using your keyboard. For instance, a function button that is not functioning or poor keyboard lighting. Various keyboard manufacturers will also provide you with several hard reset techniques. For assistance, you should visit the official website of the keyboard manufacturers. Here is a general guide for performing a hard reset on any keyboard.

  • The first step is to disconnect your keyboard and pause for 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect your keyboard to the computer by using the Esc key on your keyboard.
  • Continue holding the Esc key until you have seen the keyboard glowing.
  • You should then be capable of successfully doing a keyboard hard reset then after.

What to do if resetting is unsuccessful?

If restarting your keyboard does not resolve the problem, contact customer support for more help. When establishing a complaint, be important to enter the relevant details. This will help the customer care support to help and assist you as promptly and precisely as conceivable:

  • The particular keyboard you have.
  • The keyboard’s component number (found on the underside and starts with CH-).
  • A picture of the label on the bottom of your keyboard, with the part number clearly visible.

How to Restore the Default Settings on Your Keyboard.

One of the two input devices we use to interact with computers is the keyboard; another is a mouse. We have all grown accustomed to the QWERTY key layout, going from taking five seconds to locate each key to scarcely needing to look at the keyboard. Many contemporary keyboards, particularly gaming keyboards, offer customers the freedom to design their own key shortcut/hotkey combinations to make using the computer faster. Whether a person is a gamer or a regular working professional, customized key commands can be helpful to anyone and everyone. The keyboard’s default configuration is destroyed as the legacy system adds new hotkey sequences, though. There might come a moment when it is important to reset the keyboard to its factory settings. Customers might also need to return the keyboard to its normal settings if it starts acting strangely. For instance, some key combinations and shortcuts stop functioning, and there are inconsistent keypresses. However, if none of the suggested fixes worked and you decided to restore your keyboard to its factory default settings, there are three distinct procedures for you.

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How Would You Reset Your Keyboard In Windows 10 To Default Settings?

First of all, Verify if there is a hardware issue. 

We should investigate to ensure that any hardware problems are not to blame for keyboard difficulties like double typing before performing a reset. Starting the computer in recovery mode and evaluating the keyboard’s functionality is an easy alternative to evaluate this. If it still acts weirdly in safe mode. The problem might be hardware-related rather than software-related. And no quantity of resetting will fix it; therefore, you will need to go to your neighborhood computer shop.

  • To launch the System Configuration application, click Windows key + R to launch the Run command box, input MSConfig, and then click Accept.
  • Select the Safe boot checkbox beneath Boot settings by switching to the Boot tab. Make sure that the Minimal safe boot type is chosen.
  • To commit the adjustments and close the window, select Close, then OK.

When allowed, use the Restart button to reboot your computer manually or in recovery mode. Now see if your keyboard functions properly. You can take a key test (Key-Test) online just for fun. If it still does not work properly, try completely clearing the keyboard. Like (blast the dust out of the keyboard with a hairdryer), checking the connection wire for tears. Or bringing in another keyboard if you have one on hand, etc.

3 Methods for Restoring the Default Settings on Your Computer Keyboard

We can move on to the software side of things once you have determined that the problem is not really a hardware issue. Installing the most recent drivers after uninstalling the old ones is among the simplest ways to reset or refresh a hardware device. Additionally, you might need to examine the keyboard’s calibration to make sure that features like sticky keys or filter keys aren’t interfering with its functionality. Altering the computer language is also another approach to erasing the present settings.

Method 1: Reinstalling the keyboard drivers.

Device drivers are probably already familiar to you unless you’ve been using a Windows computer for a very short time or have been living under a rock. If not, read What is a Device Driver? on our page on the subject. How does it function? These drivers, which are frequently updated along with the operating system, might become defective for a number of different causes. The drivers can be maintained using either the built-in Device Manager application or a third-party application. The most recent drivers can also be downloaded from the website of the keyboard’s maker and manually installed.

  • From either the Power User menu, choose Device Manager by performing a right-click on the Start button or by pressing the Windows key + X.
  • To increase Keyboards, click the little triangle to the right of it.
  • Use the context menu that appears when you right-click on your computer keyboard to choose Uninstall Device.
  • You will get a pop-up notification asking you to confirm your action. To proceed, click Uninstall. Switch off your computer. Open Device Manager once more after the machine has rebooted and selected the Scan for Hardware Changes option.
  • The Device Manager would then include your keyboard once more. This time, when you right-click on it, choose Update driver.
  • Select Search automatically for drivers in the following box.
  • Select the second option to manually locate and install the keyboard drivers. If the automated installer succeeds (you must have downloaded them from the manufacturer’s website beforehand).
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Method 2:  Examine the keyboard settings

Along with providing some simple keyboard tweaking, Windows has a few constructed tools for similar tasks. Uneven key replies may be the result of incorrect keyboard tuning, or one of the active features may be conflicting. To reset your computer keyboard to its factory configuration and turn off all associated functionality, follow the procedures below.

  • 1. To open the program, press the Windows key + R to open the Run command box. Type control or control panel, and press Enter.
  • To launch the Control Panel program, use the command control in the run command box.
  • Select your preferred icon size then look for the Keyboard item. Tap it when you find it.
  • To recalibrate your computer keyboard, move the Repeat Delay and Repeat rate scales on the Performance tab in the Keyboard Properties box that appears. The image below depicts the standard keyboard settings.
  • To even save modifications that have been made, choose Apply and then Ok.
  • Next, open the Ease of Access options in Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key plus I.
  • Turn off keyboard functions like Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, etc. by going to the Keyboard settings page (under Interaction).

Method 3: Changing the language of the keyboard.

To change the language’s default setting, press the upward-pointing arrow after selecting the newly added language to explore the potential alternatives.

  • Put your computer to sleep right now. Close the lid on computers, for example. To turn on your computer and reopen Settings > Time & Language, press any random key on the keyboard.
  • To let the changes enter into force, restart your machine and switch the default language back to English (United States). In addition to the aforementioned soft-reset techniques, users can Google how to hard reset their keyboards or go to the manufacturer’s website.
  • Although every operation is different, a common approach entails unplugging the keyboard and leaving it that way for between 30 and 60 seconds. 
  • Press and hold the Esc key.

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To sum up

After reading this piece, you need to understand precisely how to reset a keyboard on a Windows or Mac computer. Simply try the ways listed above if you wish to achieve that.


How is a keyboard reset done when it stops working?

The first step is to unplug your keyboard and wait for 30 seconds. Then Reconnect your keyboard to the computer by using the Esc key on your keyboard. Continue holding the Esc key until you see the keyboard flashing. You should then be able to successfully do a keyboard hard reset after that.

Should a Computer reset repair the keyboard?

Switch off your computer. Windows will replace the keyboard using the most recent drivers as it reboots. Your laptop keyboard’s keys may start functioning normally after this.

How is a keyboard key fixed?

It is frequently feasible to repair a broken keycap that is still linked to the laptop by applying pressure to the keycap. If the keycap reattaches, a pop sound is made as the key is depressed. We advise deleting the key so it can be stitched up if this does not resolve the problem.

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