How to repair mic of Android phone

It can be frustrating to talk on the phone with someone and have them complain that they cannot hear you. But what if you had an urgent call? It can be very annoying when your phone’s microphone stops working, as we all depend on our phones for calls throughout the day. This happened to me recently. I had to clean the microphone on my phone because it was getting a little dusty. This article will help you to understand the reasons your microphone may not work and the methods to repair it on an Android smartphone.

How can you turn on an Android phone’s microphone?

The microphone on Android phones is usually located at the bottom. If you look at the plug of your phone, you’ll see some holes. It is best to speak directly into the microphone so that others can hear your voice and interact with your phone.

How to repair mic of Android phone
How to repair mic of Android phone

To turn on an Android smartphone’s microphone, go to your Android settings. Next, enable the microphone. Next, go to Google Play Services and click on the Microphone button. Then, move the slider shown by clicking Permissions.

Reasons your mic isn’t working

There may be many reasons your phone’s microphone doesn’t work. Here are some of the possible causes:

A problem with Mobile Networks

An issue with your Android device’s microphone could be due to network issues. Perhaps the network is down at your location. If you suddenly cannot hear someone you are speaking to, it could be due to a network problem.

Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps can be used to modify the features on your Android smartphone. They won’t damage your device’s hardware but they could have an effect on the microphone.

Blockage of the mic

Your Android smartphone’s microphone has holes. Over time dirt particles can build up and block the holes. It is also possible to accidentally place your fingers on the microphone of your Android smartphone while you are calling.

Hardware issues

If the microphone’s hardware does not work with your device, you may experience mic problems.

How to Fix a Broken Microphone

It is very simple to fix the microphone problem on an Android smartphone. You can save money and time by following these instructions.

Start your phone

This is a quick and easy way to fix your Android microphone problem. This is the time to restart your phone if you haven’t done so in a while. You can quickly fix your problem by restarting your phone. After turning off your phone, wait 20-30 seconds before you turn it back on. Then restart the phone again. This will refresh your device and you can then check if it is working.

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Stop your Bixby Voice

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S9 who experience this problem claim that it may be due to the Bixby Voice. Go to Settings and choose Apps. Click on Bixby Voice and then tap Force Stop to see if the issue has been solved.


Small holes in mobile phones are vulnerable to dust and other small particles. Even if you don’t notice it, small pieces of cloth can be caught in the phone’s tiny holes. This is especially true if it is kept in your pocket. Your microphone would be located next to the USB connector.

You can inspect the microphone openings using a flashlight to check for foreign objects or dust. To clean it, you can gently blow on it or use a pin or thin needle. You should be careful not push more dust or air into your phone. Otherwise, it will get worse.

Get rid of all third-party apps

Some applications may cause your phone to malfunction. Sometimes, users may notice slight irregularities due to third-party apps interfering with their phones. This could be the reason your Android’s microphone is not working properly.

Run safe mode on your smartphone to determine which third-party apps may be responsible. To test the functionality of your phone’s functions, you can’t use any other apps than those already installed.

How can you activate safe mode on your Android?

  1. First, turn on your phone.
  2. Hold down the power button on your device.
  3. Touch and hold the power button on your screen.
  4. After that, Safe Mode will appear at bottom of your screen.
  5. This will allow you to reboot in safe mode.

To verify that your mic is working in safe mode, you can run a test call. If your microphone does not function normally in safe mode then it is likely that a program is responsible. You can find a list of applications that use your microphone in the Settings menu.

Your apps may be the problem if everything is working fine. You can access your phone’s settings by clicking on Apps. Next, click on App permissions. Finally, click Microphone Permissions to see which apps have access to the speaker. Each app will need to be checked individually. If you have to perform it quickly, you can do a factory reset and keep a backup.

Install the software

You may be able to upgrade your phone to resolve any software-related problems if there are any pending updates. To update the software, tap on Settings, then System and click on Advanced. The device will check to see if the latest update is available. It will then download the latest update and restart. This could fix the problem if it is software-related.

Setup sound settings

Some Android phones have noise suppression as an option. This function is useful when making calls or recording videos. It minimizes background noise. Sometimes, however, the function can completely mut the phone’s voice due to technical issues. This could be the reason why your microphone is acting strangely. These steps will help you fix this problem.

  1. Click on “Settings”.
  2. Choose Call Settings
  3. Look for the option to disable Noise Reduction.
  4. Try restarting your device to see if the issue is resolved.
  5. To test if your microphone is working, you can call someone or record your voice to check.
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Keep in mind, however, that not all Android smartphones can display this feature.

Search for connected devices and covered

It is possible that your phone is still connected to a Bluetooth headset, or another microphone-equipped gadget. If that happens, your phone will use the microphone that came with it instead of the one you have. Check the Settings > Connected device section to see what’s plugged in. Turn off all Bluetooth devices and then try the microphone again.

It can also happen that your phone’s microphone is covered up when you cover it with a new case. The protective case should be removed from any area that has the microphone hole.

Visit a repair shop

If all other solutions for the Android microphone problem have failed, your phone’s microphone may be defective. Mice are fragile and can be easily damaged by water, collision, or any other damage. The mic may have been damaged when your phone was dropped. If your microphone is not working properly, it should be fixed at the service centre. For more information on your phone, you can call the customer service line. If your warranty is still valid, you won’t be charged anything. If your warranty has expired, however, you will have to pay for any replacements or other repairs.

What is Android Audio Manager?

The Audio Manager manages both the volume and ringtone of your Android device’s microphone. This allows you to easily change the volume and ring tone of your phone. Android Audio Manager is an Android management tool that can be used to satisfy your vibration, notification, ringing and ringing needs, as well as volume settings.

The best Android apps for a mic

If your Android microphone doesn’t work, you can try other microphone apps to enhance audio. The Google Play Store has many top-rated microphone apps for Android. These are some of the top microphone apps available:

Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone is the ideal microphone app for Android users. This software is designed for singers who want to create beautiful songs. This program is also great for beginners who want to improve their sound and practice. Pro Microphone offers a variety of microphones to help you create a digital sound. These microphones come in three types: studio, condenser and dynamic. They also have amazing sound effects. It is possible to pick any one of these microphones without having to pay anything. This will increase the performance of your Android microphone.


Your Android phone can be used as a microphone by using WO Mic. It can be used for voice recognition, communication, recording and recording. It is similar to microphones in that it has low latency. An Android phone can be linked to a computer via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi.

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Microphone from Wonder Grace

Microphone by Wonder Grace is another microphone app available for Android. It allows you to use your Android smartphone as a microphone. This microphone software also has amazing features like an equalizer, widget support and many more. It allows you to turn your Android phone into a great microphone without spending any money.


These are just a few of the many ways you can fix the microphone on an Android device. You can be assured that your problems will be resolved by following these steps and that you won’t need to visit a technician.

You can also use third-party apps such as Microphone Amplifier to improve the quality of your microphone if you own an Android phone. This application amplifies the recording volume of your microphone. This is how it works as an audio hidden setting. If your Android microphone doesn’t work properly, you can try other microphone apps to enhance audio. You can find many top microphone apps for Android in the Google Play Store.


How can I clean my Android microphone?

First, be aware that most modern cell phones have multiple microphones to improve the audio output and reduce background noise. The microphone can be found on the bottom, at the top and in the middle of your cell phone.
Once you have identified the location of the microphones, you can begin to gently blow on them to remove dirt and dust. Next, use a cotton ball or brush to gently wipe the microphone. Next, gently move the cleaning tool you just picked slowly until the dirt is gone.

How can I tell if my microphone on my phone is working?

Test your phone’s microphone with voice recording. If the audio quality is good, the microphone will not be damaged.
These are the steps you need to take in order to record your voice:
1. Look for Voice Recorder under apps. Install an app for voice recording on your phone
If you don’t have one, get one.
2. To start a voice recording, press the record button.
3. To save the recording, press the Pause button.
4. Listen to the audio you have just recorded. You will be able to hear everything
Your microphone is fine.

Android Devices Can Use External Microphones?

It is possible to use an external microphone with Android devices, but it is not recommended. These microphones are not often supported by Android devices. If your device supports both a USB connector and a microphone input, you will need a compatible mic. These mics are rare and expensive, and can be quite expensive. You can also use a 3.5mm jack microphone and a USB-C connector, but it will not sound as good as the best mic available for Android phones.

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